Ilfracombe – Croyde Sands – Barnstaple

Emma, my companion on this month’s walk, is gripping my hand so tightly that I can feel the bones shifting in my knuckles. ‘It’s glaring at me!’ she says. ‘No it isn’t,’ I say. ‘It’s going to run at me! … Continue reading “Ilfracombe – Croyde Sands – Barnstaple”

Lynmouth – Combe Martin

Friends, I have camped. I have camped for the following reasons, and very much against my own better judgment: It was the only thing I could remotely afford. See above. Okay, so that’s not the entire list, but that’s pretty … Continue reading “Lynmouth – Combe Martin”

Porlock Weir to (supposedly) Lynmouth

After my first day of walking, I do not choose to go to sleep; rather, sleep singles me out for some special attention at 9pm. Except that, just as I’m drifting off, I’m woken up by the jangling of my own … Continue reading “Porlock Weir to (supposedly) Lynmouth”