I have the (sometimes confusing) privilege of working on two very different books at the moment.

Whitstable High Tide Swimming Club paperbackThe Whitstable High Tide Swimming Club
is a feel-good novel about a group of sea-swimmers who campaign to save their local beach.

Only the truly devoted manage to swim every day at Whitstable, because the sea’s only deep enough at high tide. So when Deb (ageing bikini, sunglasses) and Maisie (black wetsuit, swimming shoes, goggles) keep meeting on Reeves Beach, they strike up an unlikely friendship based on their love of swimming and their recent divorces.

It will hit the shops in paperback in February 2018, published by Trapeze.

The Electricity of Every Living Thing CoverThe Electricity of Every Living Thing is a memoir about the year I walked the South West Coast Path, and discovered I’m autistic.

It’s my attempt to capture the experience of seeing the world as I do.

‘People carry electricity; they have a current that surges around my body until I’m exhausted.’

It comes out in May 2018, published by Trapeze.


The 52 Seductions

A memoir about sex in long term relationships that’s funnier than you might expect. Written as Betty Herbert.

Burning Out

My first novel, about a young woman who realises her doppelganger is living her life all over again.

Ghosts & their Uses

Not ghost stories, but stories with ghosts in them. It’s an important distinction when you’re 25. I’d be surprised if you can get hold of a copy, but there’s a box of them in my loft. Apparently, you can sell them for £100 in Japan because Billy Childish hand-printed the covers. But only if he signs them.